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It is the spring season and I was sitting on a recliner chair in a reclined position under the tree of sakura also known as cherry blossom. The tiny Little petals of blossoms started to fall and their beauty peaked around two weeks when I close my eyes the fragrance of the sakura flowers spread far just like the petrichor of rain wavering in the air. likewise, I hear the chirping and twittering sound of birds which is very pleasant. Especially the melancholy of the cuckoo is glorious in the morning. slowly, I started to open my eyes. A beautiful butterfly sat on the petal of the flower. I can't take my eyes off it because the butterfly has beautiful wings with the color black and there is a small red dots over the black color.

" They say if there are butterflies all around, you are protected". The sun kisses me with its mild light which is partially covered with clouds. I hardly want to stay here a little longer and freeze the moment that I am enjoying right now.

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