Grizzlys: Episode-10 (Flu)

  • Author : Spenowr
  • Category : Entertainment
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It’s a rainy day. Mrs. Grizzly is cooking stew for lunch. Lilly and Eden are playing in the backyard. They love making paper boats and sailing them in the water.

[Doorbell rings]

Mrs. Grizzly opens the door. Mr. Grizzly has returned from work.

“It’s cold outside”, chattered Mr. Grizzly while shivering.

“Oh! Darling, you are soaked up. Let me get you a towel”, said Mrs. Grizzly.

“Daddy is home”, cried both Eden and Lilly.

“Lilly and Eden, you both shouldn’t go out in such bad weather”, said Mr. Grizzly.

“Lilly, why haven’t you wrapped up your warm clothes? You might catch the flu”, said Mrs. Grizzly.

“I am the Kungfu girl, super girls never fall sick”, cried Lilly.

Achoo”, sneezes Lilly.

Lilly is sneezing again and again and has a runny nose.

“Cover your face while sneezing. Otherwise, you may infect Eden and everyone else”, told Mrs. Grizzly.

“Sorry, Mommy!”, said Lilly.

Lilly is down with the flu. Mrs. Grizzly gives her the pink medicine.

“I hate this pink medicine, it’s bitter”, complained Lilly.

“You must be a good girl and take medicine to feel better”, said Mrs. Grizzly.

Lilly takes medicine and sleeps tight. The next day Lilly wakes up well.

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