Grizzlys: Episode-7 (Yellow Belt)

  • Author : Spenowr
  • Category : Entertainment
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Lilly has been taking Kungfu lessons from Master Hui Fang. Today Lilly will have a fight against Tai, the turtle. Eden along with Mr. Grizzly and Mrs. Grizzly is sitting in the audience and has come to cheer for Lilly. The fight begins. Lilly wins a yellow belt. She is happy. Grizzlys are happy.

“Dinner time kiddos”, cried Mrs. Grizzly.

Lilly and Eden run down to the dinner table.

“What is for dinner? Mommy!”, asked Lilly.

“Your favorite, bamboo soup, and baked greens”, told Mrs.Grizzly.

“Oh! thank you Mommy”, said Lilly.

“This one is for you dear”, said Mr. Grizzly.

Mr. Grizzly presents a toy unicorn as a reward to Lilly.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you more”, cried out Lilly.

Lilly ties her yellow belt around her unicorn. Lilly is pleased to get so much pampering from her parents.

“We’re proud of you darling”, said Mr. and Mrs. Grizzly.

“Waaa…. waaa….”, louder cried Eden.

“I will teach you to fight Eden. You can win many more belts”, told Lilly.

Eden nodded his head, Eden doesn’t like Kungfu.

“Eden! You can participate in your favorite sport of digging into the earth or tearing apart things or logs”, told Lilly.

Eden is pleased to hear what Lilly said and chuckled and clapped.

Mr. and Mrs. Grizzly and Lilly burst into laughter.

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