Grizzlys: Episode-8 (Help Others)

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“Good Morning cupcakes! Let’s decide who's going to be the head girl of the class”, announced Miss Fendi.

“I want to be the head girl”, cried out Lilly.

“No, I want to be the head girl”, demanded Lizzie.

Lilly and Lizzie are fighting to be the head girl of the class. The head girl is the one who plays the leader of the class and at the same time takes charge of classroom responsibilities.

“You mustn’t fight with each other”, interrupted clever Bella-fox.

Miss Fendi makes Bella-fox the head girl. Bella-fox is clever. Lilly and Lizzie lost because of their foolishness. Lizzie and Lilly had a fight and they don’t want to talk to each other.

“We must help everyone”, taught Miss Fendi as today’s lesson.

Lilly learns a new lesson in school today.


Mrs. Grizzly is preparing lunch.

“Mommy! Can I make the table ready?”, asked Lilly.

“Of course! Darling. If you wish to.”, said Mrs. Grizzly.

Mr. Grizzly is cleaning up his vintage car. Lilly wishes to help Mr. Grizzly in his work.

“Daddy! May I help you, please?”, prayed Lilly.

“ Oh, sure! Darling”, told Mr. Grizzly.

Lilly and Eden wash the car with Mr. Grizzly and play with the bubble foam.


Lizzie and Lilly meet in the supermarket.

“Hi Lilly, my hand is full, can you help me?”, asked Lizzie.

Lilly ignores Lizzie for the fight they had in school.

“Lizzie is your best friend and you must help her”, advised Mr. Grizzly.

“But she fought with me”, said Lilly.

“You have spent many good times with Lizzie. Do you wish to ruin your friendship just because of that silly fight?”, asked Mr. Grizzly.

“Lizzie brings me my favorite bamboo roots”, muttered Lilly.

Lilly ran to help Lizzie. Once again they became friends forever. Lilly and Lizzie giggle and sang their friendship song.

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