Grizzlys: Episode-5 (Earth Is My Home)

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“Very good morning my little puppets”, wished Miss Fendi to all the students.

“Good morning Madam Fendi”, wished back all the students.

“Today we’ll learn about all eight planets and our home planet, Earth. We say it “uu-rr-th”. We have 8 planets in our Solar system, Sun being the head of the family. They are, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.


Mercury- It’s the smallest and the nearest planet to the Sun.

Venus- It is the hottest planet in the Solar system.

Earth- It’s known to be the only planet to have life.

Mars- It's known as the Red Planet.

“Like a tomato”, asked Polly, the Goat. (giggles)

Jupiter- It is the biggest planet of all.

Saturn- It has beautiful rings around it.

“Will the rings fit on my finger?”, asked Lizzie, the elephant.

“No dear, it’s too big to fit your tiny finger. Many of us can fit into the ring”, said Miss Fendi, the giraffe.


“Uranus and Neptune are ice giants. We live on the third planet from the Sun. Our planet has one moon.”, taught Miss Fendi.

“I want to go to the moon”, cried Lizzie.

[Everybody chuckles]

“It’s too far, we can’t reach there”, said Lilly.

“Of course, we can, but only if you are an astronaut”, told Miss Fendi.

“I want to be an astronaut”, cried Lizzie.

“I want to be a kung fu fighter”, cried Lilly.

Lilly learns about planets. The class learns about planets.

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