Grizzlys: Episode-12 (Pretend)

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“There’s a playdate at Lizzie’s house on Sunday. She has invited me too, can I go? Mommy!”, asked Lilly.

“Okay Lilly, make sure to be gentle there”, said Mrs. Grizzly.


The family is having breakfast together. Lilly is hurrying up to finish her breakfast. She is gulping her cereal so that she can rush to Lizzie’s house for the playdate.

“Careful Lilly”, said Mr. Grizzly.

“Surprisingly! Lilly is an early bird today”, said Mrs. Grizzly.


Lilly is wearing her doctor’s clothes as she is pretending to be a doctor today.

“Let’s start Daddy”, said Lilly.

“Lilly, take your coat before you go”, said Mr. Grizzly.

“Not Lilly, I am Doctor Lilly”, said Lilly.

“Sorry Doctor Lilly”, said, Mr. Grizzly.

[Lizzie’s home]

“Hi, Doctor Lilly”, wished Lizzie to Lilly.

“Hello, Hairdresser Lizzie”, wished Lilly to Lizzie. [Both giggles]

They both run up to Lizzie’s room where Timmy, the rabbit is pretending to be a mechanic, and Polly, the goat is pretending to be a teacher. Lilly, Lizzie, and their friends are wearing their pretend clothes.

[phone rings]

Lizzie picks up the phone and said, “Hello, Lizzie hairdresser speaking“.

“Hello Lizzie, I am Marie, the sheep. My car has broken down. I really can't reach your place”, told Marie, the sheep.

“Don’t worry Marie. We have Timmy-mechanic with us. Be right there. We are on our way to help you”, said Lizzie.

Lizzie’s mother drives them to Marie. They got Marrie along. Lilly, Lizzie, and their friends had a wonderful pretend playdate.

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