Grizzlys: Episode-9 (Strawberry Picking)

  • Author : Spenowr
  • Category : Entertainment
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Mr. Grizzly is driving his vintage car. The car makes a clunking noise as it’s too old.

“I hope we reach the farm in time”, grumbles Mrs. Grizzly.

“Oh! Sure sweetheart”, stutters Mr. Grizzly.

Eden and Lilly chuckled. The car broke down in the middle of the road. Mrs. Grizzly was disappointed and the kids were sad.

“Mr. Grizzly, it’s high time that you must buy a new car”, yelled Mrs. Grizzly.

“It’s my dad’s only memory I have. I will fix it in no time”, mumbled Mr. Grizzly.

Lizzie and his family were passing by. They stopped at once seeing Grizzlys in trouble.

“Do you need a lift”, offered Lizzie’s Daddy.

Both families went strawberry picking together. Mr. Grizzly’s vintage car was also towed along. Lilly and Lizzie picked the ripened juicy strawberries. Eden and Garry are too young to pick out the right ones. Eden is digging the earth while Garry rolled over it. Both Mothers were chitchatting. Lizzie’s dad helped Mr. Grizzly in fixing the car. Both families spent a good time together.

“Please pay a visit to our house”, invited Mrs. Grizzly.

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