Grizzlys: Episode-6 (Clean Up)

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Lilly’s winter break has started. Lizzie has come for a playdate at Lilly’s house.

[Doorbell rings]

Lilly opens the door and sings their friendship song.

“I love to spend, all my life, with my friend”, sings Lilly while opening the door to Lizzie.

Both of them chuckled and ran upstairs to Lilly’s room. Eden has no friends to play with. Waa, waa Eden cried louder.

[Knock knock]

“May I come in?”, asked Mrs. Grizzly.

“Here’s someone to play with you, Eden. Lizzie’s baby brother Garry wants to be your friend”, told Mrs. Grizzly.

Lilly is happy with her friend and so is Eden.

“Time to wrap up for the day cuties”, said, Mrs. Grizzly.

Lizzie and Garry see off their friends. Lilly’s room is messed up, and toys are scattered all over.

“Lilly! You must clean up the mess before you go to sleep”, said Mrs. Grizzly.

Lilly finds the task to be a tiring one, so she ignores it and goes to bed. The next day morning when Lilly wakes up, she accidentally slips by stepping on one of the toys and hurts herself. Lilly cried out louder.

Mrs. Grizzly came up and said, “You should have cleaned up your room, dear”.

Lilly admits her mistake and cleans up the room soon after.

“Sorry, Mommy! I will make sure to clean up next time”, said Lilly.

Lilly learns to clean up and keep her place tidy.

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